Its only a few days that have passed from the time this year’s season seven of Africa’s biggest reality show Big Brother Africa dubbed ‘StarGame’ launched.

This has made most housemates get to know each other better both in the Upville and Downville house as each one in the house is getting along with fellow housemates making the two sisters from Zambia Tamara and Talia settle in with smiles on their faces as they are enjoying being in the house.                 

Zambian Diva in the Upville House Mirriam Mukape populary known as ‘MAMPI’ is receiving much support,liking and love from africa as she entertains everyone in the house with her sexy dancing styles which has been making Zimbabwe’s Rokki have hot feelings for her.

Mampi made it clear to africa when she first entered the house that she wasnt entering Big Brother to find a relationship knowing that she is engaged to someone serious and special to her heart back home.

Mampi she however at some point cooked a meal that left most of the guys in the house speechless while salivating as they never,anticipated her to have prepared a delicious meal that made Kenya’s
charming dude PREZZO praise her in his Diary Session to Big Brother.

Mampi still maintains not to indulge herself in any affair in the house with her opposite sex partners,as Zimbabwe’s Rokki who claims Zambia and Zimbabwe are one keeps finding himself closer to her.

Will Mampi continue to resist these guys? The question remains unaswered for now the game has just began……

Zibani Zambia.

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