Oh the shame: See everything you’ve ever searched for on Facebook

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See everything you’ve ever searched for on Facebook

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Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

You can now view your Facebook search history (Picture: Reuters)

If you thought everything you had ever searched for on Facebook would never be seen again, you’d be wrong.

The social network has helpfully saved your entire search history, hidden away in your settings for you to peruse at your leisure.

For some, it could be a shameful reminder of all those hours spent online casually stalking random people (or searching for weird things).

Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

(Picture: Screenshot)

Here’s how you can wipe your search history forever. 

1. First you need to go to your Activity Log.

Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

(Picture: Screenshot)

2. Next you have to click ‘more’ on the left menu and then click on ‘search’.

Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

(Picture: Screenshot)

3. This is what the page looks like. Nothing to see here.

Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

(Picture: Screenshot)

4. Now hit ‘clear searches’ in the top right and pretend you never saw this page.

Facebook search history could be the worst page on the internet

(Picture: Screenshot)

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Muvi TV General Manager Costa Mwansa fires five journalists for attending ZNBC interviews

Dear Editor,

Dont disclose my identity.

I’m one of the five MUVI TV journalists who have been fired this morning for having attended interviews at ZNBC on Friday last week and Monday this week.

Instead of MUVI TV management sorting out our petition on low salaries which we gave them as newsroom staff a few weeks ago, Costa Mwansa in his usual arrogance has decided to dismiss us.

We are tired of being paid peanuts, we went for
interviews to seek better working conditions but management has decided to dismiss us without benefits despite us having worked here for many years.

MUVI TV is crambling bit by bit, people are leaving,by the time Steve Nyirenda realises that Costa Mwansa and Mabvuto Phiri are destroying the company, it will be too late.

Who can afford to lose 8 formidable reporters within 7 months? Only MUVI TV can.

The five of us who have been fired this morning are Delphister Lungu, Chris Habeenzu, In’utu Mwanza,Pennipher Sikainda and Bangwe Navilley.

You may wish to know that this is not the first
dismissal we have had, when we petitioned
management over low salaries a few weeks ago,the whole newsroom was fired but later re-instated on the same day to avoid the story leaking to other media institutions.

Twachula pafula, we want change in private media.

We urge government to force private media
institutions to open unions to stop this nonsense. Labour office please move in.

Am Not Concerned about Sata’s Continued appointment of my MPs but Zambians are-Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba now says it is up to Zambians to get concerned about President Michael Sata’s appointment of opposition Members of Parliament to his government.

Dr Mumba who over the weekend stormed State house to seek an audience with President Sata over the appointment of MMD MPs to ministerial positions says it is not for him or his party to be concerned about the continued appointment of opposition members of parliament by President Michael Sata into his government but the Zambian people.

Dr. Mumba says although the party can be proud that it is being called back into government through its members of parliament, it is at a great cost to the country’s democracy.

President Michael Sata yesterday added two more MMD MPs to his government when swore-in Solwezi East MP Richard Taima and his Mkaika counterpart David Phiri as deputy ministers.

This is despite calls by the MMD leadership for its
members of parliament serving in the PF government to resign or risk being expelled from the party.

Speaking to QFM News, Dr. Mumba says there is
nothing wrong with President Michael Sata
negotiating with the former ruling party over the MPs’ appointments, which he says was the case when he became vice president under late
president Levy Mwanawasa.

Dr. Mumba reiterated that the National Executive
Committee which was due to meet today will decide the fate of the MMD MPs who have defied the directive to relinquish their government positions.


Man With World’s Longest Penis Almost Got In Trouble At Airport

Jonah Falcon was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport on July 9 because of a bulging package hidden in his pants.

But the 41-year-old New Yorker wasn’t packing a dirty bomb, drugs or a Costco-sized tube of

The New Yorker has the world’s largest recorded penis. In an exclusive interview with The Huffington Post,Falcon described his hard times with security guards after his extra carry-on became suspect.

“I had my ‘stuff’ strapped to the left. I wasn’t erect at the time. One of the guards asked if my pockets were empty and I said YES,” said Falcon, whose penis is 22.8 centimeters flaccid, 34.29 centimeters erect.

Falcon said he knew that his interview was about to get a lot more personal when he was led through one of the X-ray body scanners and passed a metal detector.

“Another guard stopped me and asked me if I had some sort of growth,” Falcon said, laughing.

Indeed he did have a growth. By the age of 18,
Falcon knew he had something special when his manhood reached a whopping 30 centimeters.

His family jewel was hailed as the world’s largest on record after an HBO documentary featured him in 1999.

The Guinness Book of World Records does not record such feats, but Falcon did show his
standout feature to Huffington Post executive
editor Buck Wolf. Falcon has been contacted by porn companies (though he’s never accepted) and has been featured on just about every talkshow in the country.

As he passed through airport security,Falcon said a younger security guard felt threatened by his “very noticeable” package — and interpreted it as a biological threat.

“I said, It’s my dick. He gave me a pat down but
made sure to go around [my penis] with his hands.

They even put some powder on my pants,
probably a test for explosives. I found it amusing.” The screener gave up the extensive search without so much as a blush or a smile.

Falcon made his flight back to New York on time. But he learned something that day. The hardened traveler has a new game plan for airport security. “I’m just gonna wear bike shorts from now on.

That way, they’ll know. You’d think the San
Francisco TSA would have had experience with
hung guys before, but I guess not,” Falcon said.

18 workers lose jobs in Siavonga over minimum wage

About 18 workers at Lake Kariba Inns in Siavonga have been laid off due to the revised minimum wages.

A source told ZANIS in an interview today that 18 workers were laid off after the meeting which the management had with its employees last week.

He said that this occurred during the meeting which lasted for three hours discussing on the way forward regarding the new minimum wages by the government.

A source who thought anonymity said the
company dismissed the workers because it did not want to lose K70 million on salaries per month to pay all the workers in order to comply with new minimum wage.

He said that the workers who were laid off will have their work contracts finally terminated on 4th August 2012.

It was disclosed that during the meeting, the
management is also contemplating to have a
second cut to the remaining workers.

In a related development, about 24 General
workers at Lake Safari lodge were also laid off last week after the announcement of the new minimum wage by the government.

A source told ZANIS that 12 workers were sent
home this morning and while 10 others have been ordered to work for 14 days every month and the remaining two will be working for four hours in a day which is two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

Efforts to get a comment from the two companies proved futile as seniors refused to say anything by press time.

Recently the Minister of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda announced the revised minimum wages in quest to improve living condition for the majority of Zambian.

Mr Shamenda also vowed that companies which will not follow the new minimum wages will face the law.


Stephen Masumba, finally expelled from MMD

Deputy Local Government and Housing Minister,
Stephen Masumba, has finally been expelled from the opposition MMD while North-Western Province Deputy Minister, Josephine Limata’s case has been differed to a later date.

Sources with the MMD have told the Watchdog that Masumba today failed to appear before the
disciplinary hearing which he was scheduled to
attend, a move that has further worsened his
standing in the party.

Sources within the PF have also said that Masumba started campaigning in Mufumbwe a long time ago, using Local government structures in anticipation of the bye-election.

Masumba who is facing the charge of forgery
pertaining to his NIPA certificate has also been
promised a nolle proseque by DPP Mutembo Nchito and discontinued his case.

Sources said Limate attended the disciplinary
hearing at the MMD party secretariat but her case was differed to a later date.

President Michael Sata this morning swore-in two more MMD MPs as Deputy Ministers and has vowed to continue poaching from the opposition despite protests from the former ruling party.

Zambia Watchdog.

Big Brother Update: Talia tells off Keitta “Keitta, You Stink with your cheap boxers”

Study on homosexuality in Zambia starts


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